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About FAB

This Association shall be called as FILM ASSOCIATION OF BHUTAN (FAB)

registered with the Civil Society Organization Authority (CSOA) under the Civil

Society Organization Act of Bhutan, 2007 as a Mutual Benefit Organization

(MBO).The Bhutanese Film Industry has come a long way since the production

of its first feature film“GASA LAMAI SINGYE” produced by Ugetsu

Communication in 1988.

This was followed by“PHAMA” produced by Pel-vision in 1995.After a break of

three long years, the first ever full-length commercial feature film

“JIGDREL”produced by Norling Drayang in 1998, was an Ice-Breaker for

commercial feature film making culture in Bhutan and the self proclaimed

Bhutanese film Industry (yet to achieve industry status) took its first baby steps.

Thereafter, within a year, eight local feature films were produced.


The objectives of the Association shall be to, but not limited to the following:

  • Liaise with relevant entities and donor agencies in developing the film industry.
  • Participate in the national and international meetings, workshops, seminars, and mediainterviews and represent the interest of the Bhutanese film industry.
  • Promote all the forms of film & music through trainings, production funds, festivals, awards, andother support systems in collaboration with other institutions.
  • Promote all the filmmaking professions through trainings and studies in collaboration with otherinstitutions and encourage for better film & music production.
  • Protect all the professions of the film industry through comprehensive rules and regulations.
  • Assist in the implementation of the national film policy to foster the growth and development ofthe film industry as envisioned by the policy
  • Advocate for better films policies and dynamic regulations.
  • Work closely with the relevant agency and regulatory authorities to act as a nodal agencybetween the filmmakers and government agencies.
  • Provide assistance to produce quality films of international standard reflecting the core values ofGross National Happiness (GNH)